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Turf TLC

When it comes to choosing the right company to maintain your property, who do you trust? When the decision is made to choose Sully’s,
we guarantee that your trust will not be misplaced. With our expert Lawn Crew on site, your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood. Utilizing our variety of professional turf services your neighbors will always wonder why the grass is always greener on YOUR side
of the fence.


Haven't you earned your stripes? You've seen that amazing striped pattern on your favorite team's field, on the local golf course, at the office, or maybe even in your neighbor's front yard...(they must have hired Sully's last year). Well now your lawn can have it's own stripes!

Weekly mowing at optimum mowing height keeps your lawn healthy and looking its best. After each mowing, areas not accessible to our mowers are trimmed by hand and any clippings are air blown from all surfaces and landscapes.


Allow your lawn to breathe through the process of aeration. Compacted soils can be very detrimental to your lawns' health. When soil compaction is relieved, oxygen, water and precious nutients can then travel to the root zone. Aeration tines penetrate the soil ejecting cores onto the turf surface where they are utilized as a productive top-dressing.

Spring Clean Up

After the long cold winter with all of the salt, sand and heavy snow, your lawn needs a helping hand to get it back in shape for the hot days of summer just ahead. Using the latest top quality equipment, Sully’s can get your lawn and landscapes ready for the upcoming season.

Dethaching (power raking) of the lawn is performed to pull up the thick layer of dead clippings (thatch) accumulated over the previous season. The accumulation of thatch can be detrimental to your lawns health as it may not allow enough water, air, and other nutrients into your lawns root system. In addition to dethatching the lawn, the landscape beds will be cleaned up of any debris they may have accumulated over the winter.

Fall Clean Up

Removing the fallen leaves from your lawn can be a huge task and is particularly important before the winter season. The heavy weight of snow compacts leaves and grass, smothering your turf. Any plant diseases spread in the fall living in the leftover debris such as leaves, dead branches, soil or other fungus-retaining material, will likely remain there until the spring.

Be proactive and sign up for a fall clean up.


Sully’s offers a 6 step fertilizer program at affordable rates that is sure to keep your lawn looking its best all season long.

We use only the highest quality, slow release granular fertilizer on the market to ensure a strong root system and a vibrant green appearance. Your lawn will “spring” to life in early April with the first application of the season which also includes an additive for crabgrass prevention.

The following two steps come in June and September to help guard the lawn against the hot summer months. The final granular application comes after the final mowing of the season and includes a winterizer to help the lawn recover quickly next spring.

As for the broadleaf weeds, we have an application for them tas well. As part of your 6 step fertilizer program your lawn will receive liquid broadleaf control applications in early May and again in late August or early September to stop any broadleaf germination before it begins.

Sully’s also offers Round Up treatments of nuicance weeds in landscaped beds in addition to, but not included in the 6 step fertilizer program. Protect your investment and keep the weeds from taking over your landscapes.